Technology has totally changed our life, and when technology mingles with treatment then miracles takes place. Such a miracle took place in China, where Chinese doctor used 5G To perform world’s 1st remote brain surgery on a patient.

The doctor used, camera systems and remotely operated equipment to perform surgery on a patient’s brain. According to media reports of China, Dr Ling Zhipei was performing the surgery from Sanya City in Hainan, while his patient was in Beijing, and the distance was approximately 3000 KM. The procedure involved giving the patient, who has Parkinson’s a deep brain stimulation (DBS) and, the operation lasted three hours.

This is really out of the box achievement, that how much 5G can benefit other industries. In medicine, it could help bring top-level healthcare to people in remote areas, or to critical patients that can’t be shifted.

5G has much less latency than 4G, making it not only easier to keep pace with remotely manipulated instruments, but also a faster process in general. Using it, doctors at the best of hospitals can attend to patients in need hundreds of miles away, without having to uproot themselves.