23 year old Nivedha from Bengaluru has invented a machine that segregates waste into minutes. A door-to-door awareness session about segregation alerted her about the flaw in the waste collection system. Even though homes segregated their waste, many times, the individuals responsible for the collection, being unskilled labourers, would mix it to get more money per kilo when they sold it.

She conducted extensive literature surveys into the existing technology for waste segregation. After building a prototype, a 1-kg waste processing model, she decided to scale it up to a 50-kg-per-hour model. The resulting 50-kg-per-hour prototype from the Elevate 100 funding was installed in an apartment complex with 150 homes. It gave her insights about possible issues like overloading and how unskilled labour could affect the efficiency of the machine.

She decided to build a machine that could process 250 kilos of waste and installed it at a dumpsite in the municipality. This machine is not only idiot-proof but segregates waste to more than 90 per cent efficiency at any given time.

The non-biodegradable waste is used to make recycled boards which can be transformed into tables, chairs, roofing tiles, partition walls, among other things.