“My son had food with his classmates and was visibly happy when he returned home. Anganwadi centres have all the facilities and a holistic environment which is good for the growth of a child.”

Nitin Bhadauria and Swati Srivastava, IAS officers from Uttarakhand, are setting an example for all parents and especially civil servants across the country.

The couple has enrolled their two-year-old son, Abhyuday, in an Anganwadi, instead of a big school in the city.

Swati is the District Magistrate (DM) of Chamoli, Uttarakhand while her husband, Nitin is the DM of Almora. They could have enrolled their son in an expensive school but chose to opt for a government-run Anganwadi instead.

This step will also encourage the school to maintain their facilities and address grievances with the district magistrates.
They are paving the way for others to understand that a government school need not mean inadequate facilities, poor quality education or the last resort to parents who cannot afford a private school.