Sanitation and drinking water is our basic need. But half of the world populace drinks unclean water, due to lack of awareness and purification system. Where a cost of purifier is rupees 10,000-15,000/-and the low income level can’t afford to buy the same.

To solve this major issue of clean water a start-up from Indore came up with the idea of Nano technology, that doesn’t need electricity to produce water filters, and at the same time it is economical in cost. However till date this start-up MW social enterprise has so far succeeded in installing purifiers in several households in slum areas and in villages.

The nano-adsorbent coating in the filter has a positive charge, and all negative-charged inorganic contaminants like fluoride and arsenic get absorbed. The nano particles also have a porous structure and the particles in the coating form a channel from one particle to another. Thus, when water passes through this channel, it also destroys bacteria and viruses and purifies the water.