Santosh Devi Khedar’s journey started with this nearly barren 1.25-acre land which produced barely enough to tide over the expenses of the seeds, fertilizers and labour every year. Now her family earns 25 lakhs and all from the same 1.25-acre land.

The couple bought 220 plants of pomegranate for Rs 8000. Though they did have the help of a subsidy from Udyan Kendra, they still had to sell their only buffalo to raise the entire amount. The couple also installed a tube-well in the farm with the remaining money. Santosh decided to use drip irrigation method in the water scarce area.

Santosh used the knowledge of her farming experience along with the tips she had gathered from her fellow farmers and started making organic fertilisers. Every plant was fed 50 kg of this natural fertiliser every six months. Santosh also tried the layer-cutting technique. Once fruiting began, she would cut all the new branches keeping only one foot of it intact. This ensured that the nutrition given to the plant was going to the fruits and not the new branches.

After three years of continuous efforts and hard work, the couple finally got the fruits of it in 2011, when the first yield of their pomegranates earned them a profit of 3 lakhs.