Daily Dump is a start up in Bengaluru which is in the business of managing day to day waste in the city. A tall cylindrical-shaped composter made of terracotta, Daily Dump has made waste composting at home a easy process.

This dump machines doesn’t only lessen the load on public agencies dealing with garbage, but also reduces the emission of methane gas in the environment. This dump composter can be set free easily in the balcony and is very easy to use. Today, Daily Dump operates in 17 Indian cities, the USA and Dubai.

The process of managing urban waste by Poonam Kasturi is changing the mindset of the peoples of how to deal with day to day waste management from their own households.

This type of waste management system has made the life of people easy and quick, which in turn reduces the emission of harmful gases in the environment. Daily Dump is a perfect and clean example of waste management system in urban areas to save the environment totally.