Teachers are the foundation stone of our life, who guide us in school, educate and mentor and as a result we become a responsible citizen.
Moving a step ahead a teacher in Meghalaya is helping farmers to triple their income by growing unique turmeric. she noticed that most of the cultivation in West Jaintia Hills district in Meghalaya is of lachein, one of the three varieties of turmeric. Having acquired knowledge from her ancestors on turmeric farming, it took her no time to realize that lachein is low on yield. To double the production of turmeric she trained the farmers, to use an eco-friendly alternative to the chemical pesticides. Soon, cow-dung, cow urine and vermicompost became the preferred pesticides of the farmers. It not only helped in keeping the insects at bay but also improved the quality of crops due to their nutrient content.

From purchasing lands, building houses, financing children’s education to securing their retirement, the turmeric revolution is playing a pivotal role in the lives of farmers in Meghalaya. She might be a teacher by profession, but her hard work and innovation in the field of farming is really appreciable to turn on the lives of farmers into a bright future in the upcoming days.