Death due to sudden heart attack has become a major problem. According to a recent study this rate has incresed by 30-35 percent in the last 26 years. All of the major problem is that financially backward people can’t afford costing of around 1 to 2 lakhs for a heart surgery.

Disturbed by all these hard hitting grounded facts Dr Kiron Varghese, the head of Cardiology at St John’s Medical College and Hospital in Bengaluru, decided that time has came to take a step forward to overcome this major problem. His main motive is to give quality healthcare to the backward class without hampering their savings. As a result he decided to to help 30 underprivileged people get the expensive angioplasty surgery for free.

We might feel that the limited time or fixed number of surgeries is not a sustainable initiative, but for the 30 beneficiaries and their families, this step promises to be a lifesaver as a whole!