Technology freak turned to agriculturist Yatish from Bengaluru along with his wife launched an online portal ‘Local Farmer’ for farmers to sell their produce directly to the customers. Both of them came together to help farmers increase their incomes by helping them package India’s most underrated fruit, jackfruit.

jackfruit is in high demand because of its nutritional value. From strengthening of bones and nerves to eliminating the Jisk of cancer, the giant fruit has several health benefits. Both husband and wife organised a training programme for farmers who are a part of the Local Farmers project. The training that lasted for 3-4 hours was about how to prepare ready-to-cook unripe jackfruit packets.

The online portal has 50 registered farmers and 1000+ customer base. From vegetables, fruits, dairy products to spices and pulses, the online portal sells fresh produce to its customers whenever there is a demand which means that farmers will only harvest if there is an order.

This initiative of helping the farmers with the help of online portal is a blessings for our country.