Bangluru is the IT hub of India, and a professional techie has cleaned 14 acres of land single handedly. Unlike others he wokes up early every morning and attends his office. Apart from his busy life Venugopal he began to survey his area where he live and found that under the bed of dense foliage and garbage, the lake wasn’t even visible from the road and so cleaning the space was a big challenge for which Venugopal needed the right equipment.

He spent approximately Rs 14,000 purchasing equipment like a bush cutting machine, log cutter, hedge trimmer, bush cutting triangular blade and a grass cutter string, among other items. In order to clean the water, he even built a boat out of PVC pipes and went into the lake wearing life jackets, as he was a non-swimmer.

His struggle was noticed and the locals also joined him to clean the lake, Out of the 17-acre area of the lake, 14-acres have been rejuvenated with more than 200 trees and almost 500 shrubs planted across the space. There was a time when the Maragondanahalli lake was an invisible dump frequented by drunkards.

Today it is idyllic space where families come every morning and evening to enjoy the fresh breath of air. VenuGopal’s story is really inspiring for the entire society.