Due to drought in the heartland of Maharashtra, here farmers are in dire condition and they are struggling to fund the education of their children who are studying in faraway Mumbai and Pune.

To come up with this a group of college students came forwar and started an organisation named (Students Helping Hands).

The organisation collects funds from well-wishers and philanthropists to fund the meals and sometimes even exam fees, bus passes, and hostel fees of students. SHH was started in 2015 as an attempt to help Pune students belonging to drought-affected families.

The provision of two square meals a day can help these poor students save anything between Rupees 2200 and 2400 every month. As of now, at least 200 students are receiving the meal services.”

If you wish to help hardworking students, then you can contact SHH at studenthelpinghands@gmail.com or call them at 9689794776/8600756234.