Drinking water by purifying the same is a big challenge in today’s date, due to excess water pollution and so on. Being students of engineering at St Joseph’s College of Engineering and Technology, Anto and Thomas worked on inventions to solve every day problems.

Taking inspiration from scientists at Institute of Minerals and Materials Technology in Bhubaneswar, the two friends from Kerala completed the project of mini-cartridges that filter impure water using activated carbon.

The organic water filter can cleanse impure water up to 30 liters within a few hours. Every five years, the cartridge that costs around Rs 60, will have to be replaced.

The duo developed the technology around the time of the Kerala Floods of 2018 and it was put to test during the devastating event.

With thousands of people displaced and moved to relief camps overnight, they were already dealing with several problems, one of them being procuring clean drinking water. Around 200 such purifiers that require no electricity, costing around Rs 2,000, were donated to relief camps set up in flood-affected areas of Kottayam district.

So far, the startup has sold 200 water purifiers in the state, besides the ones donated during the floods.
Removing the scarcity of water through organic purifier by this duo from Kerala is a noble deed towards kindness.