Hussain Sagar Lake and it’s surrounding are among the most popular tourist hotspots of Hyderabad. The iconic lake is also famous for a rather unfortunate reason: suicides.

Hundreds of suicide attempts are documented every year at this site, and consequently, it becomes incredibly tedious and draining for the police and rescue forces to prevent such acts and recover the bodies. This is when the contribution of selfless individuals like Shiva comes to play.

In the last decade, the man has recovered over 1000 dead bodies as well as rescued over 100 individuals from ending their lives at the lake. Thus began his endeavour to rescue those who had jumped into the lake to end their life, and when that couldn’t be achieved, recover the bodies at Hussain Sagar. Over the years, he started working with the Lake police, who eventually began contacting him to recover bodies as and when the need arose.

His journey is really inspiring and incredible.