Today the world is engrossed into the discussion of sustainable world, particularly worried about the dwindling resources with ever more polluted and warmer globe, notwithstanding cleaner abundant source of energy still a distant reality. Just to put things in perspective, PAF wants to shifts the focus on things that really matter to us and our coming generations. PAF has coined a term SREE which signifies nature and creator like our mother earth. It stands for “Save Resources, Energy and Environment”. The resources, energy and environment are the three walls of a triangle inside which the ecosystem, in which we live, blossoms. If we unabatedly tinker with any of the three walls, then the wall may get damaged and the ecosystem inside the triangle will be damaged.

Objective of the SREE

Just a small way to look at the bigger picture below – Think about it !

Single House-hold:
Wattage saved (Watt) 100
No. of hours in a day for which the electricity is saved (Hrs./day) 10
No. of KWH (or, units) saved in a day 1
No. of units saved in a year 365
Average unit rate in India (Rs./unit) 3
Entire India
No. of households with electricity connection in India                           (Source: Town & Country Planning Organization, Ministry of Urban Development) 107,209,054
No. of units saved for entire India 39,131,304,710
Average unit rate in India (Rs./unit) 3

SREE should become our way of life. Just like a woman leads different roles of mother, wife, sister and daughter with sharing, caring and helping all around her, there should be a little bit of sree in all of us towards our mother nature. This world has changed at an unprecedented pace since the Industrial Revolution. The nature belongs to the posterity, to the progeny who are yet to come and enjoy their stay on earth. Live a moderate and conscious life.

SREE should be the mantra for one and all.