Spandan means vibration and therefore, all projects of the foundation are developed to create a Spandan in the society. A Spandan that is positive, that delivers a value, that is reliable and that has sustainability. Aims of the projects are not only to take care of the primary need of the community, but to intervene in the secondary and tertiary needs of the deprived society as well. This is done to address and justify all round benefit of the people and that the progress is made from problems to achieving objectives such as;

  • To conduct seminars on positive thinking and leadership for all ages, especially for children.
  • To organise vocational manpower training programs and develop skills to generate employment of youth and individual.
  • To help furtherance of education to the students of Below Poverty Level category by setting up scholarships, providing assistance by way of reimbursement of tuition fees, cost of books, uniforms etc.
  • To identify brains competitive of taking up exams like IIT-JEE, AIEE, Medical Entrance, even Indian Administrative Services and provide free coaching.
  • To work for energy conservation like “switching off lights when not required” and by other methods like promoting off grid solarisation and stand alone installations.
  • To work for maintaining and spreading the cultural heritage of Uttrakhand region.