Pawan the 26 year old Mumbaikar is setting fabulous example by already saving 10,000 plus animals. By doing this he is spreading the message that how humans and animals can co-exist in a city like Mumbai, where the green cover is shrinking due to rapid infrastructural development.

Along with time, he found support from like-minded individuals and his friends who joined him in animal rescue. Knowing that rescuing an animal is a combination of training and love, he joined the Rescue Team of Mumbai Forest Department (MFD) for training and also started helping them.

It has been six years since Pawan started his training and so far, he has rescued over 10,000 animals including leopards, birds, snakes, crocodiles, and other reptiles. Every year, the team manages to save over a thousand animals and birds. With the help from Maharashtra Police and Forest Department.

Saving our precious wildlife is a really great deed towards kindness, that is being done by Pawan and his team. We salute his courage and determination.