The devastating flash floods of 2013 took thosands of lives in it’s womb and left others very badly, and one can imagine the plight of such natural disaters, that caused incalculable loss to lives and their livelihood along with education of childrens as a whole.

Unable to see the plight of such students advocate Mr. Kala along with his wife and other family members, established the Parvati Devi Ganga Ram Bhar Trust in 2014. Through this channel, he started funding the education of as many girl children as he could, according to his capabilty.

After the establishment of Parvati Devi Ganga Ram Bhar Trust, and funding of education for girls by advocate around more then 100 orphan girls are now getting free education without any hurdles.

Such initiative by advocate Mr. kala is a real example of true service towards the society.