Dogs are the most loyal and are very good friends of human beings, but when dogs are injured due to accidents or any other causes, not everyone comes for their help, but a waman from Noida is helping disbled and injured dogs with treatment in saving the lives of dogs.

Anuradha, for the last 22 years, has been on a mission to rescue dogs that have been left to die. These include paralysed, blind, injured and differently-abled dogs.

From blind, injured to paralysed dogs and puppies, Anuradha would bring home every kind of dogs. In one year, Anuradha changed 18 homes, from Ghaziabad to Noida, for her love for dogs.

Determined to save these helpless animals from an uncertain fate, Anuradha opened ‘Hope 4 Speechless Souls’- an animal shelter in 2014.

Today, Anuradha is able to give proper medical care to every dog she rescues.

You can get in touch with Anuradha at: +91 99119 11757