When UttarPradesh faced drought like situation in 2002, one person among the, thousands affected by drought was Ramveer Tanwar from Dadha village in Greater Noida. He comes from a family of generations of farmers who have seen upfront adverse effects of the changing climate.

Techie by profession Ramveer quited his job and decided to take matters into his own hands and went from door to door, talking to the village families about water conservation. Ramveer got two filters built near the lake to stop domestic waste from entering the lakes. This, he realised, was his true calling- reviving lakes and restoring its biodiversity.

It took months but finally he started the #SelfieWithPond campaign on Facebook, inviting people to post the latest pictures of a lake or pond in their area. There was no condition laid for the cleanliness of the water bodies. If the lake was dirty, it acted as a pointer for the local authorities to clean it. If it was clean, it served as an inspiration. His team of core members and volunteers have revived over ten lakes so far.

Such a way of reviving lakes is really inspiring for all of us.