If something doesn’t costs, then it’s free education. 30-year-old Sarita Rai is working with children in Hajipur, a city in Bihar, to help them hold on to their childhood for as long as they can.

She grew up in Northeast India and, with her roots in Bihar she visited her hometown often, and every time she visited she was left with a feeling of unease seeing the plight of women and children in the State. There was a time when Sarita started fearing coming back to Bihar because of the regressive mindset of the people. The attitude towards children’s education bothered her a lot.

Lawyer-turned-social entrepreneur took control of things and started a school, Topper Study Point (Udaan), for the underprivileged in Hajipur, Bihar which teaches underprivileged children for free till class 6.

Sarita started teaching from home for free During the almost four years that she home-tutored underprivileged children, she thought of starting an educational institute for the kids.

Sarita and her able team of 4 volunteers have impacted the lives of more than 2,000 children since inception of Udaan, and the current batch size is 100.

Her work towards educating children’s for free is really incredible and outstanding of being a lawyer in the past and now a teacher in the present.