The Karnataka Forest Department wants these kids to turn into responsible and ecologically aware adults.
The Department of Forest, Environment and Ecology will give ten saplings to each student of class 8, who will have to take care of these plants for two years until they appear for the class 10 board exams.
The saplings can be planted in school premises, at home or even on the roadside. Forest Department officials will evaluate the growth of these plants bi-annually, where each plant will carry one mark. Mango, guava, neem and jackfruit saplings are on the list, as they can be easily grown.
Subject to acceptance, the officials would like the Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board to issue a certificate as well as a printed photograph of the plants to the students.

There have been many unique initiatives aimed at the student community. The authorities are going by the ‘Catch em young’ adage, and trying to inculcate environmental responsibility in them from an early age.