We all know and heard about, X-Men, He-Men etc, but do we know that forest man of India do exist. Yes, Mr. Jadhav Peyang is known as the forest man of India.

After Class X, Payeng gave up school to look after the livestock left by his deceased parents. He still has a hundred cows and buffaloes and makes his living from selling milk. But he is no ordinary cattle owner. He can lay claim to 1,360 acres of dense, defiant forest.

Jadhav Peyang’s forest is now home for Five Royal Bengal Tigers, over a hundred deer, wild bear, more than hundred vultures and several species of birds. Like all truly great people, Payeng, now in his mid-fifties, hailed the name and title of ‘Forest Man of India,’ planter of a jungle, resuscitator of the earth, lone green warrior of the mother earth.