Kids are the most beautiful gift by the almighty, they always learn and share new ideas that surrounds them. In a wonderful gesture, some kids from Kerala is helping all the traffic cops to beat the encroaching heat of summer season.

These children are a part of halir Mukkatty, a local environment group, that came up with the idea of an eco-friendly solution to alleviate their discomfort. Dried arecanut leaf sheaths are taken and cut out in the size of police caps. They are then soaked in water before being placed inside the cap.

These leafs are known for their heat dispelling traits upon moistening, and the kids tapped right into it. Kids were hand to hand involved in the process of making these cool caps with leafs. It is inspiring to see such a driven group of young crusaders, who are leaving no stone upturned to save their environment.

This is one of the most pretty cool invention by the kids and children’s of Kerala to help our traffic cops to fight the heat waves of summer season.