It all began in the early 2000s, when the husband-wife duo, K J John and Kochuthresia Thomas had retired from their respective fields of work and decided to set out on an unconventional path.

Little Flower Farms began its journey as a biodiversity conservation initiative, with the couple’s primary intention centred upon creating a self-sustained living environment in a patch of land.

Under the watchful eye of the couple the degraded landscape slowly and steadily turned into the bio-diverse space. The farm today supports a diverse array of native and exotic plants numbering several hundred species. Tucked along trail bends are pine groves, bamboos, ferns, clusters of zingibers, aralias, bromeliads on rock faces, aroids, heliconias, and the occasional wild orchid.

Spread over eight acres, Little Flower Farms offers not only a farmhouse experience in the midst of a natural environment but also an outdoor living experience through camping along the upper slopes of the farm that have some exceptionally scenic panoramas.