IPL flags made of good quality cloth meet the same fate as the other dry waste when the army of sweepers enter the stadium. But this year round, in Bengaluru, something different is fluttering in the air spelling hope for several street vendors across the city.

Swabhiman, a non-governmental organisation based in the city has taken up the mantle to upcycle the flags into sturdy, durable cloth bags. Taking about 30 women under their wing, the NGO started aiming at events such as marathons and concerts in Bengaluru to collect flex banners. The tailors would stitch them into bags.

The bags are given to the street vendors for free, who then can use them to hand over their wares to prospective customers, in place of paper or polythene bags.

In the lively IPL season, when thousands of cricket fans cheer for their teams and leave behind mountains of refuse, it is amazing initiatives like these, to turn flags into reuseable bags.