Usually we use to make tea in gas Chulha or a electric kettle, but did anyone ever imagined that using Gutter Gas to make tea can double the income of tea sellers and hawkers.

This is possible as a student from Kanpur who was pursuing mechanical engineering  at Ghaziabad’s Inderprastha Engineering college. From a long time a drain was flowing near his hostel where he used to stay, So when the dirty water from the Surya Nagar Nala foamed and let out gas bubbles, Abhishek remembered learning about the decomposition process of organic waste within the sewer, with the help of his another classmate, collected a sample of this gas, and sent it for testing to IIT-Delhi.

When the lab conducted a Gas Chromatography test, the duo found that the gas being released from the drain had the same composition as gobar gas or biogas, where the percentage of methane was 65 per cent. This made it inflammable. From here the idea struck duo’s mind and then they started a prototype model at a nearby tea stall, and after this the tea stall owner was able to double his income by using Gutter gas.

This invention of Gutter Gas is really a sustainable way of increasing income at a lower cost. Thanks to the use of technology, invention and usage.