In today’s date of rapid urbanization and competition between growth of various industrial sectors, has totally changed the face of employment in our country, but at the other end due to mass rapid industrial growth, the most damage done is to our clean and green environment, which has given birth to rising pollution level and global warming. Taking at giant leap to save our clean and green environment, multinational company Infosys has set a new trend in environmental change.

Infosys campus of Kambalpabadu is situated 20 kilometer far away from the city, near a small hamlet called paajiru. The 360 acres campus land, which was at a time barren has been now changed into lush greenery. Infosys started rain water harvesting and, planted around 4,15,000 types of rare species of different herbs, shrubs and plants.

The one of it’s kind initiative drive to save barren land and to create a lush green forest full of rare species of plants by Infosys is, really a wonderful effort to save our all time clean and lush green forest lands.