Forest in India is diverse in number, but imagine a library in between dense forest… this seems to be impossible, but a tea seller and a teacher sat India’s loneliest library in a forest in Kerala in Edamalakkudy, one of the remotest hamlets in Idukki district of Kerala, where the possibility of borrowing books from a library or even have one in their locality was a distant dream.

Edamalakkudy became the first hamlet in Kerala to have a tribal gram panchayat and second, a ‘library’ was established at a tiny tea shop at Iruppukallu area of the hamlet. Perhaps this is the only library in the world that you’d find in the middle of an impenetrable forested region, where one could only reach by foot till a jeep made its way to Edamalakkudy for the very first time in March this year.

With a total of 160 books when it started, this little library, quite literally in the middle of nowhere, charts a fascinating tale that revolves around the contribution and dedication of two individuals: a tea shop owner, PV Chinnathambi and a teacher, PK Muraleedharan.

This library has each and every kind of books for the avid readers and book lovers. If you wish to help Chinnathambi, you can reach out to him at 8547411084.