During our childhood days we all use to go to school, which were tall structured buildings, with fans, lights, ac’s and windows all around. But there is such a school that floats literally on water, and is India’s first floating school.

Manipur a beautiful and green state in Northeastern part of India, where country’s largest fresh water lake Loktak is situated here. The floating school on this lake is an extraordinary example of “architecture without architects”. The school is situated about at a distance of 50 km from Imphal.

Loktak Lake plays a vital role in the economy of Manipur. The floating school is located on a floating island which is hut shaped and has been constructed using local building technologies and materials like bamboos etc. This school has all modern facilities for its students, including electricity, computer learning facility and most important internet connection as well.

This unique initiative of India’s first floating school was implemented by ‘All Loktak Lake Fishermen’s Union’ in collaboration with an NGO called ‘People Resources Development Association’ (PRDA). First floating school in India really is a perfect example of “Yes we can”, where even the students who can’t afford education in remote areas like that of Loktak Lake in Manipur is now a part of education and empowerment, because of this one of its first unique floating school in India.