The science buffs Pratyush and Aekas, who are students of Class 8 in the Global Indian International School (GIIS) in Singapore would spend days, sometimes weeks, away from home.

Their innovation is designed for garden plants especially for families who travel overseas and are worried that their garden plants would die in their absence. It works on a pumping technique using a motor. Almost 80% of the device is made from reusable and recyclable materials while the other 20% involves hardware like a motor and a circuit board.

The system requires a hygrometer—an instrument to measure humidity in the air, a circuit board, a motor, and other hardware.A two-litre water tank is connected to the system by a water pump motor. The connecting pipe is left in the pot, and when the hygrometer detects less than optimum moisture in the soil, it lets the water pass through the filled tank.

The system can be connected to multiple plant pots and depending upon the water that they consume, the tank needs to be filled manually. This is really a great device to keep the plants clean and green.