Securing a job on IIT is a matter of prestige and respect in today’s date, but apart from job humanity comes first and, thus Vipin Dhane from Satara Maharashtra quits his prestigious job to teach and impart education among the poor kids of flood affected 11 villages in a remote river island of Majuli district in Assam.

Today he runs The Hummingbird School, a co-educational institution, for the underprivileged children from the indigenous Mising tribal community in Kulamu village, situated far of Majuli district. The school has a total number of 240 students coming from 11 villages, of which 70 live in a hostel, and conducts classes up to Grade 5.

Entire team formed Ayang Trust, which mean LOVE and COMPASSION in Missing language. The trust is also working to improve livelihood opportunities for locals by promoting a producers’ collective and working closely with rural women weavers of Majuli. Recently, these weavers got their own yarn bank.

Such initiative by this IIT professional who quited his job to educate the poor kids is really inspiring for all of us.