Thanks to this technology, one can build a low-cost 350-square feet house in less than a week!

This technology has made its presence felt in different fields including aerospace, medicine and automobiles, it is in architecture that a significant use of 3D printing has been found.

To make the construction of houses quicker and cheaper, students and faculty members at IIT-Madras have come up with India’s first 3D printing construction technology, which they believe can build a house of 350 square feet in less than a week, at a cost cheaper than conventional methods.

Vidyashankar is a co-founder of Tvasta Manufacturing Solutions, a start-up which has developed this technology, alongside the Civil Engineering Department of IIT-Madras.

Tvasta Manufacturing Solutions, the start-up aims to automate the process of construction, including the placement of reinforcements, which will reduce our dependency on manual labour. It further seeks to construct India’s first 3D printed house by next year with the subsequent focus on assisting the government in its ‘Housing for All’ scheme.