Usually now a days on a regular basis we use RO systems to purify and clean water before drinking the same, but moving a step ahead students of IIT Mandi has designed and built a self cleaning glass to purify water, that uses sunlight and clean wastewater by killing bacteria and microbes present in dyes, drugs and detergents.

These glasses are developed using a technique called melt quenching, which is the traditional technique of glass making in bulk form which includes mixing of ingredients, heating up to a temperature usually higher than 1300°C and quenching of the glass melt to obtain a glass frit.

This technology can remove NOx (oxides of nitrogen) from the air and be used to clean it. If we place these glasses in our windows, we can fight air pollution too according to reports of  PTI  given by a scholar who is associated with the invention. The potential for these self-cleaning glasses is incredible.

This is really an out of the box invention.