Our universe is full of interesting facts and history covered, that we don’t even know, if we dont go deeper to know those less known fact. Well, ever imagined of, where is the world’s highest polling station located, if not, then readers tight on your chairs, as you all will be proud to know that world’s highest polling station is located in India itself.

The polling station is located in the village of Tashigang, Himachal Pradesh. Lok Sabha 2019 elections are starting from April 11 and the entire country is abuzz with discussions about the same.

At an altitude of 15,256 feet, the world’s highest polling station will be set up in the village of Tashigang. It is located in the Spiti valley, Himachal Pradesh which is less than 30 kilometers from the India-China border.

Interestingly the world’s highest polling station will cater to 48 voters, and falls under Mandi Lok Sabha constituency which will go to polls on May 19. The village has a road which is closed most of the year for traffic due to the snow. It also lacks mobile connectivity and the election officials have to use a satellite phone during the polls.

This is really interesting that this world’s highest polling station in Himachal Pradesh will also witness the voters along with their voting rights during loksabha elections 2019.