Heartwarming! Proud Constable Father Salutes His IPS Son, Says Work Comes First

“Despite financial crunch, he never let my studies suffer, my school fees were always paid on time, and I got all the books I needed. He would go on duty, and we would not meet for months, but he kept a tab on our studies and activities in school by inquiring from his peers in the city.”

It was no different for Constable Janardan Singh of Vibhutikhand in Lucknow.

In ensuring that his duty comes before everything else, Singh stood in attention and saluted Superintendent of Police, Anoop Kumar Singh, who took charge of the northern Lucknow region on Saturday.

The reason this is special is that Anoop happens to be Janardan’s son.

While Janardan is filled with emotions, he says that once outside the house and on-duty, Anoop is his senior and he will show him that respect. He has absolutely no qualms in saluting Anoop as well.

Janardan and Anoop live under the same roof, and once at home, Janardan is a doting grandfather who enjoys the time he spends playing with his granddaughter.