We all are environment cautious and we know better how to protect our environment in a better way, with the rising level of pollution and global warming threats. But, Kolkata the “City of Joy”, has something special and extraordinary to share with all of us.

An auto driver in Kolkata has a rather unique vehicle – there’s a full-grown garden atop his green and yellow auto. Full of grass and new saplings on the rooftop, he aims to drive home the message of ‘Save trees, save lives’. As a bonus, it also cools the interior of the auto, and cools the minds of the passengers from encroaching heat waves during summer time.

Spreading green awareness has become a necessity for us. Clearing of trees for establishing new buildings, cutting of trees for obtaining wood, paper, etc. is only maximising the problem and that is why green awareness is important.

This unique Autowala from Kolkata is playing a very important role in spreading the message of “Save our Clean and Green Environment”.