He is an engineer by profession based in Bengaluru, hails from Madhya Pradesh, beside this Chirag Arora is also a dog lover Over the years, Chirag has volunteered to develop a slum in Bengaluru, worked for the cause of female sanitation in Madhya Pradesh and has even helped in reviving the Puttenahalli Lake.

A small patch of government land near his home was overflowing with garbage. Residents of the area would dump their unsegregated waste there, and the land eventually became a breeding ground for diseases. Soon he transformed that area into a beautiful dog park, though it is not officially inaugurated but the park is open 24/7.

While our busy lives keep us from pursuing hobbies or becoming active volunteers, people like Chirag, who conduct cleanliness drives, fill potholes, and transform patches of land—in the hope of making a bustling city a cleaner and greener space —are all the inspiration we need.