Bengaluru is a metropolitan city and in daily basis thousands of passengers commute via bus. Here in this city a driver changed the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) uniform and fills a huge container from a nearby water facility and places it inside bus number KA07-F-838.

The bus, that travels from Kaval Bylasandraa to Yeshwanthpur, may seem like a regular one at first. However, on entering it, you will be surprised to see a mini garden.

Tyhe bus is entirely decorated with plants, all thanks to Narayanappa’s efforts. The 59-year-old has served in the BMTC as a bus driver since the last 27 years.

Two years ago, he purchased saplings from his salary and planted them inside the bus. Today, there are 14 plants and one container. People are free to water the plants from their bottles or the container.

Buses that run under the BMTC have always grabbed eyeballs in one way or another for giving a comfortable ride to their passengers. For instance, in 2017, it had kickstarted WiFi services in ten AC buses. In probably, a first-of-its-kind initiative, it had launched the BMTC Easy Travel Information Planner App to make people’s lives easier. The app allows commuters to track real-time bus movements.

This is really a great initiative towards a clean and green environment, to fight with ongoing environment pollutiion.