We all know that if we break traffic rules or don’t wear a helmet police fines us or sends an E-Challan on our address, but for instance just think if the rule changes, and police starts paying 100/- daily to the commuters for safe driving, isn’t it interesting to hear.

This new and one of it’s own kind of initiative is being started by the Orissa police in Keonjhar District have launched an initiative to pay Rs 100 as cash reward and hand out an appreciation certificate to those who obey traffic rules.

According to the initiative, police conduct random checking to check and see if the driver is driving safely and is wearing seat belt or not, does he carries a valid driving license or not, whether the driver is drunk or not using the cell phone while driving, sticks to the speed limit and fastens seat belt while driving.

To bring awareness among the masses to drive safe and sound this initiative by the keonjhar district police is really one of it’s own kind.