Nikita Krishna who is a grade IX student living in Palchil village, Raigada district 150 kms away from Pune.

In daily routine in 6 days a week she walks 4 hours per day. To reach by 10:45 am, Nikita leaves for school by 8:45 am and on Saturdays, she sets on her journey to school by 6am to reach by scheduled 8 am.

An excellent runner of Tehsil level and aspiring to become the first doctor of her village Nikita risks walking through dense forest daily for the sake of her education.Her struggle was recognised by City Corporation Limited which has recently gifted her an electric cycle. A cycle that runs for 100 kms at 25 kms/hour once charged fully for 2 hours.

Nikita had arrived at Pune to receive her gift along with her mother Rajshree Rajshree cultivates rice and speaks how much loss she has to face. It’s difficult for her to make ends meet. Still, she ensures education for all three children of her for she believes that it’s only education that can make their lives better.

“This is a big help. It will always remind me to put in my best to study hard and pursue my dream. I never thought that people would help me.”, says an overwhelmed Nikita.