Doctor by profession turns into traffic man, yes this really happened with an ayurvedic doctor, who was already busy saving lives but eight years ago death of a person on the streets changed his mindset, stuck in jam he witnessed the paralysed state of his city where a life was lost only because the ambulance couldn’t cut through the overwhelming traffic jam.

In an interview Dr Krishna Yadav from Noida said that- “I was on my way to the clinic and as usual encountered a traffic jam. I noticed that an ambulance was stuck there before me and it took hours for it ambulance to get out of the traffic. While stuck there, I was wondering about the health of the patient. Unfortunately, on the next day, a newspaper report stated that the same patient had died in the ambulance due to the traffic. It was that very day that I thought that what if someone would have been there to control the traffic, the patient’s life would’ve been saved.”

After this incident Dr yadav has been leading a dual life of a doctor and a traffic controller in the evening. Wearing a doctor’s coat, equipped with a loudspeaker, whistle, mask and pamphlets of traffic rules, he heads to the busiest intersections in Noida, all to bring some semblance in the chaos of the city.

As a result of his incessant efforts to make Noida’s streets safer, he has received several awards and accolades from the Police department. However, he does not think of them as achievements.

Kind act of Dr. Yadav shows us that “Heroes are in between us”, we just need to find and appreciate their work.