Summer is knocking the door and thus ac and fans will cross out the bills of electricity, but couple from Pune has build cement free breathable homes that doesn’t require any kinds of fan or ac, to fight with heat during summer.

They started their “Building in Mud” three years ago, the couple has used their unconventional techniques to design and construct six homes with three more projects underway. The couple uses combination of lime and mud, alongside stone and bricks, that allows the structure to breathe.
To complete an entire project Essentially, it takes about four months to complete the core structure, and another four to five months to finish the interiors.

They even employed local carpenters, who have the intrinsic sense of sustainable building design, and develop products with serious utility value. Local carpenters are not only extremely skilled in constructing, say a wooden roof, but also discern which particular variety of timber to use.

This is really a wonderful initiative to build structue like this, that are really innovative and environment friendly.