Charging mobile phones, at times becomes hectic for us, even if we carry power bank, the same discharges after few hours. Fixing all these problems two young Delhi duo has found a way to do exactly that with one innovation.
The duo had developed one of the first prototypes of what they later christened, the Walkie Mobi Charger—a device that charges your mobile phone using the kinetic energy produced by walking. This charger claims to charge your phone 20 per cent faster than your standard charger.

Three months later, they had a small prototype of the model ready, a device that can be strapped onto both legs. The generated electricity gets stored in a battery which charges your phone. The charger has been completely developed by scrap material.

The device operates on the principle of Electromagnetic Induction. The components of the charger include a dynamo and a buffer mechanism. This mechanism rotates the dynamo to produce the electricity needed to charge the mobile phone, with the compression and relaxation caused by the heels of the user’s feet.

When we walk, our heels compress and relax, as they touch the ground and lift. Simply put, the device uses the energy generated by this pattern to charge your phone.