Cars Fuelled by Water & Aluminium? IIT Roorkee’s New Innovation Is Brilliant!

According to the team from IIT, the prototype has tremendous potential for mass production.

Well, the country’s brightest minds at IIT Roorkee have come up with the prototype of an electric car that requires no fuel or even electricity, and will cost as much as your standard car.
This prototype draws power from water and aluminium and is claimed to have zero emissions.
IIT Roorkee had started a venture called Log9 Materials, which developed the electric car. The project is based out of an incubation cell, started two years ago.
The car will give a range of 1,000 kms on a single charge and will require 1 litre of water every 300 kms.
Once you cross the 1,000 km mark, the aluminium plate will need to be replaced.
Costing Rs 5,000, the replacement will not take longer than 15 minutes.
The Government is very clear on its stance on vehicles using alternative sources of fuel and is optimistic about electric vehicles. And innovations like these will fuel India’s dream to achieve electric mobility.