In the year 2008 Dhiraj Dolwani, an M-tech from BITS-Pilani, decided to quit a career that spanned the IT and BPO sectors to set up his own company B2R (Business To Rural). By September 2009, Dolwani and his former colleaguehad started the first centre in Orakhan, Uttarakhand, with 20-odd employees.

As the number of locals who were employed in the BPO rose, so did the disruption the new and alien environment was creating in the community. The young people especially women were not going to the cities to find a job but working in an office environment not far from home—changing gender equations and long-established traditions in the community.
At a typical centre of B2R, young women and men work together in close proximity, sitting next to each other and chatting freely— something that is alien to the culture of the region.
This is a kind innitiative by Dolwani, to empower and edducate the women and the mass populace of Uttarakhand.