As International women’s day is approaching, so here is a extraordinary story of a girl who is helping the villagers in Bihar. A graduate from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Akansha Singh designed the concept of Swayambhu, where her sole mission is to provide fuel, electricity and biogas for the villagers who can’t afford by themselves.

She studied the entire situation of the village and started designing and developing all these facilities for the villagers, and at last her team succeeded in arranging for six hours of bio-electricity for the villagers every day, at a minimal cost of 30 rupees per month. Further the gas from the plant also powers the kitchens in these homes. In addition, the by-products of the slurry generated in the plant come in handy as organic manure and biopesticides.

Today her appreciable effort has light up the hopes of villagers who were deprived of these basic needs at a certain point of time. This is really appreciable and a cause of social change for the society as a whole.