Modern day breakfast, lunch and dinner table in our household has encountered a drastic change from the earthen pot era to melamine plates etc. But with the going day’s trend of living a healthy lifestyle is changing at a rapid pace.

From eating healthy foods the way of serving foods has also changed. In place of melamine crockery wares biodegradable cutleries are taking place. Earthware is a company which has developed kitchen utensils using fibers from plant. They have structured cutlery which are bio-degradable and perfect to eat out with.

Keeping in mind the eco-friendly quotient, company from south has developed them from fibers and from several plants like sugarcane, bamboo, cellulose. They are resistant to water can be used in microwaves. Importantly, they degrade on its own within 90 days which makes them at par with the trending eco–friendliness. As they are a product derived from plants they can be disposed off easily causing no pollution.

This is a unique initiative if we implement this in our day to day life, to save our environment and the nation from the ongoing rise in air and plastic and several other pollutions.