“Lakes are the eyes of the earth. They can see. They can monitor. They can tell us about the ecology of the region,” and Anand a techie from Bengaluru, who is all set to rejuvenate 45 lakes in the city by 2025. And he has already started the hard work, single-handedly.

In a city bubbling with pollution, over-population, traffic, and dying lakes — Anand is a man on a mission. Someone who can talk about lakes, environment, and the power of one for hours on end and who has shown that if we as individuals get down to it, we can save this city and the environment at large.

Without the help of industry experts, architects or engineers, Anand, a mechanical engineer, along with fellow citizens, removed almost 4 lakh cubic meters of mud from the lake.

These islands now serve as nesting areas for birds, with a huge tree planted in the middle for nests, as well as fruit-bearing and flower saplings around.