Summer season is at it’s peak, with temparature raising day by day and most of the animals during summer hounds thirsty without water. But Bengaluru resident is reviving ponds for such thirsty animals.

Share Habitat is such an organisation that is helping all the thirsty animals by providing clean drinking water by reviving the ponds. Share Habitat is a self-funded initiative, and it is the sheer passion and desire to make a change which drives the team.

Located 20 kilometres from Bengaluru off Kanakpura road, the dry and deciduous Turahalli forest known to be the only surviving forest in Bengaluru. It is under the protection of the Karnataka Forest Department. With the guidance and support of the Karnataka Forest Department, Share Habitat works towards filling the water bodies and ensuring that the right water level is maintained, for spotted deer, wild boars, peacocks, and different types of reptiles and birds in the Turahalli forest. The team spends about Rs 2250 a week in refilling the water bodies thrice a week for these birds and animals.

After this noble initiative by Share Habitat, animals are now being spotted near the water body, drinking pure and clean water from the pond.