Nagaon is a small district in Assam and Dullu Borah is a local resident who is conserving the wildlife since last 30 years. When he was young he saw that turtles and small mammals was sold in the market . To save this animals 5 years later he associated with, Green Guard Nature Organization (GGNO), a grassroots organisation in Nagaon established in 1994, that has emerged as an agency for wildlife conservation.

From then onwards,in the last three decades, he has managed to rescue over 2,500 animals, including several kinds of birds, to save the rich wildlife. Over his years of rescue efforts, Dulu has managed to establish a network of informers from communities across the region, who alert him whenever they come across any suspicious activity.Besides individual rescue operations, Dulu has played a central role in resolving the human-elephant conflict in the region.

A real gem who is working effortlessly to preserve the wildlife since last 30 years. Salute to this wonderful guy, who is real hero of our society.